Sunday, May 25, 2014

The moment I had decided that life goes on despite it all, I knew that I had to live by a set of precautionary rules to make sure that I keep my risk of relapse to the minimal.
It was A Promise I made to myself.
It was the only way to make sure that I'd live a life which I had control of, not one which the illness controls me.
I've been thinking about this post for some time now.
It's important that I remember this thought too.
So, I putting this down.
Many things have happened, hence I think I need to recap.
I have handled a few scenarios quite well.

I got to know a friend in a support group back in 2010.
I had just started working, and began buying a lot of online vouchers to explore new food and new places.
It wasn't much, but it helped me get out of the house and be surrounded by people.
I was fortunate that I had a friend to do these things with.
I believe I had written a great deal about her (anonymously) back then in my blog too.
But then, the friendship only lasted about a year before our fallout.
The reason was too simple.
She was imagining things about me.
She wrote a very nasty email to me, confirming all my suspicions.
I surprised myself when I didn't retaliate nor bother defending those atrocious accusations, knowing well that she too battles with mental illness. *I'm going to respect her privacy and not type her specific condition here
Our friendship died a natural death, without any drama - not from my side at least.

Then, there was another friend from the support group.
I know she might be reading this, hence I shan't describe much.
I had written a lot about her in here too.
But this friendship too, died of a natural death.

A few days ago, a friend over-reacted because of some frivolous things I said over a chat.
I wasn't tactful enough to notice that she was unwell or perhaps overstretched.
But again, I didn't fuel the reaction.
I backed off.

Readers, this is how I know I'm doing alright.
I'm OK.
At least for now, I'm sure I am.

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