Saturday, May 24, 2014

Steven Claunch, who was born without fingers on his right hand and with one leg shorter than the other and has excelled in basketball nonetheless, explains why obstacles can provide an opportunity to both inspire others and develop character. 

"Everybody has obstacles,a disability,a hurdle.
We face a choice:
Let the obstacle overcome you
or overcome the obstacle.
There's no dishonor in having a disability,
and I won't let anyone diss my ability,
but I don't want anyone's pity either.
I will not use the obstacles I face
as an excuse for having a pity party.
I will practice harder,play harder, and push myself harder
to keep getting better.
It's true, I have a disability,
but so do you.
I also have an ability,
so do you.
Everyone has obstacles to overcome.
Some are visible like mine.
Some are less visible. "
    ----   Steven Claunch

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