Friday, February 24, 2017

A Christian friend took this stray in. After taking care of it for about 2 difficult years because he had nose cancer, she finally decided to allow him to be put to sleep today.
I remember how excited he was when a group of us went to her place to practise a dance performance.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

I'm back in Sungai Buloh.

I wrote this.

My dear Bible Study friends,                      
Forgive me for not bidding goodbye to you one by one personally.                    
I have taken a long time to compose this as all your faces constantly flash in my mind in my every attempt, and I have to pause to gather my emotions.
Basically I want to say two things.
1. Thank you for being so good to me.
2. I am sorry for not doing good enough.
If there were times where I had offended you, I humbly ask for your grace and forgiveness.
Please know that I truly appreciate all your help and loving kindness that I so undeserved, even to the extend that I feel embarrassed to face any of you now.
Initially, I felt so sad because I had come to Penang with such high hopes, I felt that I have failed myself.
But God whispered to me last Christmas, he told me to read my diary. So I did.

I compared my writings before and during my stay in Penang.
Indeed there was a difference.
It would be unfair to say that my 28 months here (Penang) was in vain.
There are lessons to take home with me.
When I was packing, there were many things that I had to throw away, no matter how useful it could be.
But when I saw my Bible Study notebook, I knew at once I had to take it home. It is filled with your precious testimonies and sharings. This notebook is a summary of the better part of my Penang experience.
Thank you for being part of my happier memory here (Penang).

I never thought I'd leave = (
Not like this.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Was behind him queuing for KFC