Monday, October 09, 2006

Asimov's Friendship

I helped E buy Asimov's memoir and I found his thoughts on friendship very interesting.

Most friends are put together for convenience sake. We were doing the same thing at the same time. When that period of commonhood ends, the definition of the friendship dies along with it.
There are exceptions of course. Too bad for me, I wasn't fortunate enough to find/have them.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I have files of articles which I 've collected for years.

I was trying to file them into relevant categories when I surprised myself at the various interest of life which supposedly HAD my interest.

it's really funny.
Coz I was looking at the pieces of paper and went, "Why did I keep this?"

I felt kinda disappointed at myself when I recalled the reason.
Looking at the date of the article, I realised- I had forgotten.
Forgotten about the words and pictures that had inspired me, prompted me, planted ambitions in me, taught me.................

I had forgotten.

Monday, October 02, 2006

How I wish I'm THAT Yinnie.....

I've been mistakenly forwarded as part of the corresponding e-mail by this very vastly travelled family. I don't receive emails as much as I 'd like therefore, continued reading as part of their 'e-family'. Sad hor? Each time after I finish an email, how I wish..............
Hi dad and mom.
Got your emails and I've contacted Caroline Apt and they said they emailed you this morning. They said it has to be 7 days. If you want to confirm, you gotta place deposit. DO you need me to place the deposit first?
I've been really really busy. No time to email...Glad that you're having fun!

Hear from you sono!


Hi Loks & Yinnie,

Glad to know Joe Joe is recovering so well. We are in Slovenia capital city, Bustonjna., a very nice small city. This morning we drove down south to a city with hot spring, called Dobrna. Our group has 28 persons all old friends of mom. Has been very relaxing to travel with laught and fun. I have taken 500 photos already. Will show you when return to Melbourne.

Yin: if possible, go to Caroline and talk to them. We only want to book 5 nights instead of 7 nights. Mom is a bit worry. We are still waiting for their reply. The other thing is the phot frame. I have material and idea to make it. Hope that i have time to finish before I come over.
Loks: How is everything in China. Miss you.
Daddy Pines

Hi dad & mom!
So good to hear from you!Yes I will keep an eye on the apartment. I might give them a ring in the next few days just to get a confirmation.
I'd love to go to Prague or Europe one day! Gotta save up first! Hahaah!
Things have been good here. The weather has been quite crazy though. One day strong wind, next day bush fire. It's quite crazy. But it's fine. A lot of people are falling sick again because of the changing weather.

Oh, Jacci and Eng are engaged! He proposed last Saturday. I expected it becaue they have already started planning everything! They are getting married in April 2007. Very exciting! Jacci has asked me to be her Matron of Honour. It's called Matron of Honuor cos I'll be married. Usually, it's called Maid of Honour J hahah! So exciting!

So many weddings coming up. We just went to one last Saturday. And then 2 weeks time is Grace and Mark. And then November is ours. Then December is another friend's (one of our neighbours, who is Grace Luk's best friend), and then January is Mabel's wedding. Then a break in February, then March is another friend Juliet's wedding, and then April is Jacci and Eng! Wah!

Ok.. back to work! Hope to hear from you!

PS. Joe's neck is better. He's visiting physio to make sure it's better.


**************************************************************************** Hi Yinnie,
I will be fine. I got Caroline email this morning. I will handle it and send the deposit. No worry.
Have a good day. Do take care. Don't burn yourself out. Leave it to God.
Daddy Pines