Friday, April 29, 2016

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TELUK INTAN: Couple Ngou Yeow Hock and Tan Bee Choo, who were killed in a hit-and-run accident, might have been homeless but their undying devotion to each other was a symbol of love and an inspiration to many.

Going about their own business collecting recyclable items with their tricycle, they were known to be a happy and loving couple despite being intellectually challenged.
Clerk Mary Ng, 70, said the 51-year-old Ngou and Tan, 52, went everywhere together.

“They were always laughing and in a world of their own. They offered each other their food, scooping spoonfuls onto each other’s polystyrene boxes,” said Ng.
It was common to see Tan wiping the sweat off her husband’s face as they waited for the traffic lights to turn green.

“It always put a smile on my face watching them. It’s so sad that they were taken away so tragically,” said Ng.

On Tuesday, a vehicle, believed to be a lorry, ploughed into Ngou and Tan as they were crossing a T-junction on their tricycle at KM3.5 of Jalan Maharajalela here, killing the couple instantly.
There has since been an outpouring of shock and grief among the local community.

Teacher Ahmad Faizal Osman, 47, who wrote a tribute to the couple on Facebook, told The Star that the pair had lived with dignity, never accepting donations.
“I have friends who offered Aunty money but she gave it back to my friends’ children. Once, another friend met Aunty at the bakery.

“She was so happy to see and play with my friend’s child. She even gave the girl RM1,” said Ahmad Faizal, adding that their hard work and determination ought to be emulated.
“Many times, Aunty fell from the tricycle and once, she was even warded at the Teluk Intan Hospital after receiving stitches to her head,” he said.

The couple, said Ahmad Faizal, usually showered at the hospital or the Petronas station near the accident scene.
At night, they could be seen sleeping near the 7-Eleven outlet in Bandar Baru.

Despite having almost no possessions, the couple were charitable, he said, adding that Ngou had once refused money when he offered to buy some boxes.
“I tried again to offer him money but he wouldn’t accept it and so at last, I bought a few canned drinks and placed them on his tricycle,” said Ahmad Faizal.

Businessman Robin De Silva said despite the hardship, the couple always wore smiles.

“They were quite an inspiration for our family because though homeless, they were still happy,” said De Silva, adding that the couple’s children used to go around with them on the tricycle when they were young.
Yesterday, the couple’s three sons, one of whom has been adopted by a relative, bid them a final farewell as their remains were cremated.

It is believed that the couple had a daughter, who died at a young age after falling from the tricycle.
Hilir Perak OCPD Asst Comm Wan Hassan Wan Ahmad said no arrests have been made so far, adding that investigations were ongoing.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Excerpts from the Life in the lens, By N. RAMA LOHAN

“ADULTS are outdated children,” said Dr Seuss. 
“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children,” professed Nelson Mandela. 
“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see,” insisted former US President John F. Kennedy.

“I believe that a child is innocent, true, with a beautiful light in their soul – they are our future,” says Kiran Kreer.
“Knowing that millions of children live in poverty, hunger, and in the dark with no proper homes, keeps me going till today.”
A lot of us stand accused of viewing the world through rose- tinted glasses, and turning a blind eye to injustice around us, yet Kiran hasn’t lost faith in the human race’s sense of solicitude.

“I think that every simple act of compassion makes life worth living and fighting for. I hope that my photographs will someday change people’s perspective in creating awareness about life and humanity. It would mean the world to me even if a single photograph or story makes an impact or inspires someone,” he says

...“I do what makes me happy first, and I live one day at a time. I guess, photographically- speaking, I have earned an identity from what I capture, and my storytelling and reflections of humanity define who I am.”

...“Stop being materialistic ... forget your status and labels. Leave your comfort zone and venture into something unknown, and find your true self first. Stop making excuses for yourself.

“I hear so many of my friends saying ‘ I wish I could do what you do’. I say, ‘ Go do it, don’t just wish it’. Rest assured, the life that you are looking for will gradually appear like you are seeing it for the very first time.”

Monday, April 25, 2016

ShW shared her unusual dream with  me last night on the phone.
It was a rare dream which she remembered long after awaken.
I paid extra attention as I was also part of the dream.

"You and I entered the Mental Health Association.
The building was big.
When we were inside, the place became unwelcoming.
There were many unruly patients.
You and I quickly decided to exit, but couldn't find a way out.
Then, you found a window we could escape from.
You jumped out.
I wanted to follow but another patient grabbed onto me.
I struggled awhile but managed to jumped after you."

"Hey, this dream isn't that bad after all, it has a happy ending, " I said, trying to allay her concerns about this dream.

"I guess," she answered, unconvinced.

Friday, April 22, 2016

One thing great about working with these youths.
The raw enthusiasm for life is at its optimum.
I'm definitely at the right place to be now.
This is what I need to restore my wounded soul.

After lunch, as I was getting ready to 'restart' my work, three lads went to a young pretty lady's workspace.
"Hey, Rw, would you like to go out with us tomorrow?" (it's Friday today)
The question seemed ordinarily harmless, if not for the obvious nervous level stressed in their body language and voice intonation.
They were so nervous that all three of them had to approach her for combined courage!

So adorable !
Reminded me so much of my previous witness back in my old workplace.
I don't know what happened after that because I left to give them some privacy.
It would be a bit awkward had I stayed.
I wouldn't be able to contain my amusement.

My way of support to the lads.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Look what my sweet friends Moon and Meow forwarded me after I shared my insecurity in being the oldest in the newbies group in the office.

"there's going to be alot of these moments i spose, its not easy hiding something like this, but this is the breath of fresh you so badly needed, so breath in deep, chin up, chest out, and big bright smile. You can do this, i believe in you!
p/s: get yourself a pair of heels with your first paycheck, coz why not stand tall once in a while for a lil added confidence. it works ;)

It was the effort of sending me the message that made me feel so encouraged.
I have friends who care.
Sometimes, I feel like Harry Potter.
Crappy family but great loyal friends.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I'm the oldest in the induction group of 12 newbies.
The group was over spilling with youthful energy and enthusiasm.
I really felt like that guy in the Google intern Hollywood film.
To my surprise, it was common to ask one's age around here, so it was hard for me to avoid the inquiry.
I have to admit, my pride was stung.
I'm here to work.
For a salary.
Not weighing in my self-worth according to scales tuned by others.
I hope I'm convinced of the above statement soon enough.

When we were about to set up our own company usernames & passwords, my senior told us to check our personal email as the HR may have sent the authorization link there.
So I mindlessly did.
Guess what was flooding my inbox?
Depression forums, Depression blogs, 'how to get out of depression'- was among the common titles in my inbox.

The senior was right behind me.
Suddenly, I realised the rest of the newbies had left their workspace and were now also looking at my screen too - as they were awaiting instructions.

My senior apologetically whispered sorry and quickly click on the right title on my inbox.
The longest 5 seconds in my life.

Everyone went back to their workspace and opened their email using their phone.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

It was very hard to resist giving money to him.

Friday, April 15, 2016

A card I posted to my good friend M.
She took this photo and message-ed me her thanks.

"Thank you for popping by few weeks ago. Really appreciate it. As you might ,have known for a while, things haven't been smooth-sailing for me here in P. Many times I question my decision to come here. Of course, now that I'm already here, I definitely have to persist. Should the worst case scenario happen, at least I have a little while more before moving back.
I remember writing you a card back in 2008-2009(?) I had finally calmed down from a manic episode and decided to quickly write you something before I lose it again. Well, this is something like that too. But this time, instead of mania, it is from an utmost despair.
 I do understand that I am being troubled by things that shouldn't. Logically, I should be able to go on with my life and work - unaffected. Unfortunately, my brain doesn't work that way for me. My mind doesn't tell me logic and rationale. My dysfunctional upbringing causes me to yearn for more of what is absent. Illogical and hurtful actions and remarks make me obsess for their reasons and justice when there are none. My entire focus was on the very thing that wasn't good for me.

I enjoy writing. My head gets clearer when I write. Clarity in mind doesn't come often for me. It's a luxury. I'm sorry I wasn't in a good shape when you came to visit. But then again, you have seen worse. When we were in the restaurant, when I was listening to you, I thought of the time I met up with you in McD in 2010(?) I was beginning to get back on my feet again, with a new job commencing and I was just in awe of you. You have accomplished so much, moved so far ahead since our graduation. I don't mean it like we are in a race, more like how everyone else have moved on to many bigger things, forwarding in their lives, while I am still at the same old spot, fighting the same monster. I don't mean it in a self-pity way, because that's life. I mean it in a seeing myself in perspective - sorta way.
Anyway, thank you for being my friend, for being there - always."

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

I received an email reply from the interviewer that a job offer will be issued to me by the end of the week.
Best news of the first quarter 2016 year.

So, I told myself I must do something good for someone today.

Someone's laundry flew off their balcony and landed on the cable tv antenna at the bottom of my unit.
I found the longest stick and lay almost flat on the floor to reach it.

Tadaa !
I left it in the Lost and Found open box in the concierge.
*******************update : it was picked up the next day.