Friday, April 22, 2016

One thing great about working with these youths.
The raw enthusiasm for life is at its optimum.
I'm definitely at the right place to be now.
This is what I need to restore my wounded soul.

After lunch, as I was getting ready to 'restart' my work, three lads went to a young pretty lady's workspace.
"Hey, Rw, would you like to go out with us tomorrow?" (it's Friday today)
The question seemed ordinarily harmless, if not for the obvious nervous level stressed in their body language and voice intonation.
They were so nervous that all three of them had to approach her for combined courage!

So adorable !
Reminded me so much of my previous witness back in my old workplace.
I don't know what happened after that because I left to give them some privacy.
It would be a bit awkward had I stayed.
I wouldn't be able to contain my amusement.

My way of support to the lads.

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