Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I'm the oldest in the induction group of 12 newbies.
The group was over spilling with youthful energy and enthusiasm.
I really felt like that guy in the Google intern Hollywood film.
To my surprise, it was common to ask one's age around here, so it was hard for me to avoid the inquiry.
I have to admit, my pride was stung.
I'm here to work.
For a salary.
Not weighing in my self-worth according to scales tuned by others.
I hope I'm convinced of the above statement soon enough.

When we were about to set up our own company usernames & passwords, my senior told us to check our personal email as the HR may have sent the authorization link there.
So I mindlessly did.
Guess what was flooding my inbox?
Depression forums, Depression blogs, 'how to get out of depression'- was among the common titles in my inbox.

The senior was right behind me.
Suddenly, I realised the rest of the newbies had left their workspace and were now also looking at my screen too - as they were awaiting instructions.

My senior apologetically whispered sorry and quickly click on the right title on my inbox.
The longest 5 seconds in my life.

Everyone went back to their workspace and opened their email using their phone.

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Anonymous said...

there's going to be alot of these moments i spose, its not easy hiding something like this, but this is the breath of fresh you so badly needed, so breath in deep, chin up, chest out, and big bright smile. You can do this, i believe in you!

p/s: get yourself a pair of heels with your first paycheck, coz why not stand tall once in a while for a lil added confidence. it works ;)

- meow -