Friday, February 05, 2016

I was looking for this post about my sis, but found more.
I would never have the courage to say these words to her face, because she will repeat it to the whole world where she's the blameless lamb, so I'm saying this here.

               You.      Piece.       Of.       Shit.

Dang. I still have to see her for CNY family reunion.
My friend Mn has arranged that I can stay in one of her homestay units for 2 days 3 nights before I get on my flight back to PG.

This afternoon, suddenly I realised I didn't want to sleep anymore.
I got up, bathe and went down to buy lunch.
I decided to buy some biscuits from the bakery too.
The cashier smiled at me, I smiled back.
Then, I thought, hey...I'm still capable of smiling.
I ate my KFC and watched Big Bang Theory.
I smiled again.

Earlier, I messaged my colleague
"I've been wondering if I should stay because I don't want history to repeat. I really feel that I have made a mistake to return. I have made *boss look bad

NXY: history is being created presently. And present circumstances have changed now. don't think too much. *boss trust you, have faith in yourself.
And not just her, we all believe that we can work together and make a good team
If you need time to chill, just take as much as it needed. and come back when you are ready.""

My housemates noticed that my mood has improved and started small talk with me. Sensing that I'm better, they asked what had been bothering me. They are sweet indeed.

I'm lucky.

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