Monday, February 22, 2016

1.I just saw a FB video of a mentally unstable lady cursing and dancing at the door of the train.
2.There is a lady in my neighbourhood, about my age, with hairstyle similar to mine; sits at the corner of the shops, constantly mumbling to herself.
3.There was an old lady in the ward , whose bed was beside mine, cries every 2 hours incoherently. She was very thin because she doesn't eat well, and nobody cares. A ward-friend and I deduced that she must be from a wealthy family based on her accent and her classy tatooed eyebrow and complexion. Her delusional habit of drinking water from the tap must be a habit from her past overseas experience,
4. My old colleague L, back in the KD college.

One thing I must contend.
If we hold on to a negative emotion eg, anger, disappointment, despair etc, for too long.
we will be consumed by it.
Like what my new colleague KB said, "In the end, is it worth it?"
It's frightening that we forget the obvious answer too often in our lives.

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