Wednesday, November 06, 2013

I am one of the officers in this picture. My friend found it in your book and pointed it out to me.
The victim under the sheet was a woman in her late fifties.
She was Miss Austria in her early 20's and a contestant in the Miss World pageant.
At the time of her death she was destitute and alone, but still carried her passport with a photo of her at the peak of her beauty.
She was stunning.
On October 22nd of last year, wandering the halls of the building she had chosen for her last act, she had looked for an open window at the record company that produces Maroon Five.
Asked to leave, she found one a floor above in a hallway, took sleeping pills, sat on the ledge in the sunlight for about ten minutes, then leaned forward.
Anyway, thanks for the photo. It is one of those souvenirs of one's life that come to be valuable because it has unexpectedly captured a moment of you doing your life's work, genuine and unrehearsed.

"I wish that when I was young, I'd have absorbed more of the world. And less of my world."
Taken from Humans of New York

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