Friday, November 27, 2015

Stranded Paris commuters ditched their headphones and got a live performance when a quirky train driver started belting out his own rendition of a Rihanna song.
When a train on line six of the Parisian subway stopped, the driver flicked on the intercom loudspeakers for an important announcement.

In the video, the 38-year-old driver known only as “Ramzi” starts to softly serenade the commuters with his version of Diamonds.
When the high-pitched verse kicks in, a person filming on their mobile phone breaks into laughter and at one point even joins in.

The other passengers are in fits of giggles as the driver helps brighten up their trip home.
Ramzi is well known by regular commuters for breaking into song during rush hour.
His dulcet tones started featuring on Parisians playlists when he was a bus driver caught in a traffic jam on Christmas Eve.

"We were stuck on l’avenue d’Italie because of the traffic. And to help the passengers relax, I began to sing," he said.
"Some years later, I became a metro driver on line 6. And once again, as chance would have it, since there was a problem on the line, I cheered up my passengers a bit by singing a few verses to them."


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