Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I got news that a Senior Lecturer's baby isn't well.
Seriously not well.
She had it tough.
She was in the midst of her divorce when she was pregnant and now this.
I don't really know her but I remember she was very interested in my running stories.
She'd listen and smile.
Nice lady.

So sad to hear that this is happening.
Just hours of knowing this tragedy, I bumped into her.
I gave a courteous smile and asked if she's leaving already. (Academic staff has flexi hours)
She said yes and gave a courteous goodbye or something -can't remember.
I noticed that she's thinner.
So sad.

I shared my thoughts with my brother.
"Isn't it sad that some people are fighting for their lives and here I am very willing to give mine away? I wish there's an exchange option available, but it just doesn't work that way...."
My brother immediately agreed, "I know what you're saying."
"Have you signed your donor card?"
"Since year 2000"

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