Thursday, January 21, 2016

My new boss and NXY asked how I'm doing.
They are really kind.
Despite having piles of work up to their nose, they actually noticed something was a bit off with me.
My low self-esteem and depression made me feel unworthy of their concern and attention.
Ah, I'll be ok.

On a separate occasion, a staff commented to me, 

"You are really really lucky, you know"

I related my stories to my good old friend Mn.
Her reply was so amusing that I decided to copy paste here for keeps.

"Never ever doubt if you are worth it or not.
People believed that you are worth it so embrace it.
FUCK those who said you are so lucky... "

Her messages reminded me of this one.

"Your friend went out of her way to make sure you got up and left the house. Surely it must meant you're worth the effort. 
And she wasn't the only one.
Surely you must be worthy.
Don't doubt.
Accept the love"

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