Tuesday, January 05, 2016

My housemate S shared with me and another housemate G about her sister.
The sister seems to be suffering from a mental breakdown.
But the family thinks she's being disturbed by unrest spirits.

The family sought psychiatric and temple medium for help.
Housemate S 's story focused more on the medium, hence I think she felt the medium was more helpful, despite having both sides of the treatment simultaneously.

As I was listening, I thought the medium was very clever to narrate the entire story about the sister's situation based on the turn of events. Like all opportunists, he saw desperation and thought, why not? He didn't cause any harm anyway.

I do not deny the existence of the evil, unseen or unrest ones.
But this is not it.
I have heard similar stories like this before.

I just feel sad at the social stigma upon mental illness.
Possession by evil spirits still tops mental illness.

Imagine, in the current Asian society; it is actually easier to tell people you were possessed than to be suffering from mental breakdown.
This is really sad.

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