Saturday, June 29, 2013

After watching this video, I was so determined that I'd make some changes in my everyday choices, that I actually went for my first blind date !
It was a roller coaster ride I'd never take again.
I immediately close my account with that dating agency.
Oddly enough, also like a roller coaster ride - I didn't regret going for it.
Hmmm... it was.... well.... an experience.
I congratulated myself for daring to do things.

So today, I saw a facebook invitation to a free talk nearby my workplace.
I just browsed through the summary, my attention was only attracted to the part where it promises improvement in social skills.
So, I went.
Mainly because it was FREE.
Half an hour into the talk, only did I realised that my selective attention span had totally ignored the part the talk was also about 'attracting the right men' .
One hour into the talk, I realised that a VERY BIG part of the talk was about attracting men.
Two hours into the talk, OMG it was all about HOW to attract men.
I have nothing against this, but it's definitely not something I'd pay for-which was the main purpose of the 'talk'.
It was actually a preview for the organizers to attract its potential clients to sign up for their services.
I was a little disappointed as the talk dragged on for 4 hours and only a pinch of information was relevant in my life.

Again, no regrets.
I came home and ran for an hour.

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