Friday, July 01, 2016

Taken from Humans of Singapore
"How long have you been writing poems?"
"I write poems since I was twelve years old. At the time I write a very simple poem which I cannot even remember, I think it is something about my school. But someone tell me I write very nicely, so I keep on writing. Nowadays I write about my life as a migrant worker. My favorite poem is called Loneliness. I wrote it two years back. It is about the time that I was feeling very lonely when working here in Singapore - and I had no one to comfort me. All I needed was a hug. So instead of grieving about it, I decided I will write about it. And when I completed it, I felt better."
"What motivates you to keep on writing these days?"
"When I don't write about something - when I keep everything to myself - then all that emotion is inside me. But when I write it, it is not a part of me anymore - it is on a piece of paper.. It is like letting go of something very close to you, you see? 
It is easy to keep it close to heart and to hold on to it - but sometimes you have to let it escape too. So when I write, I let go. And I hope that when some person reads it, he or she can also feel what I feel - even if it only for a few minutes.

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