Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I find this picture very inspiring.
This picture reminds me that happiness can be found under any circumstances.
Even the simplest thing can be very blissful.

taken from Reader's Digest Sept 2007

a group of beggars take a break from business to enjoy tea together just outside the Shrine of Shah Amanat in Chittagong, Bangladesh, where a large percentage of people live in poverty.
"Begging as a group is particularly common," says Jashim Salam, who took the photograph. "They beg especially in front of shrines, marketplaces, and also at festivals and religious ceremonies." Salam says that although the beggars may be poor, he finds it heartening to see smiles on their faces as they go about their day.


Clin said...

This is very interesting. They are beggars yet they smile. It’s because they are grateful of their friends, life and the little they have gathered.
How many rich people or company bosses that we know, who have everything they need yet they can’t smile?

Anonymous said...

It certainly does make you question "who has the better life?" Where we rely a lot on machinery/technology to sustain ourselves other people who would live in tribe in like S.Africa have more simple and happier lives because they don't rely on money. Same principle with these men.