Saturday, September 24, 2016

I'm in the midst of learning to ride the motorbike.
At the training circuit, I fear the 'balancing on narrow bridge' test the most.
My pass rate is about 2/10.
I chatted with another bike learner about this.
She has no problem with the bridge but with the 'bumpers' test, opposite from me as I have no problem with bumpers.

The instructor overheard us and advised, "Actually, if you can do one, you can do the other. As both test examines the same skill, your stability steering. It's the fear that is stopping you, not your lack of skill. Both of you can easily pass both."

After that vote of confidence, I did succeed in my bridge trial.
The instructor yelled, "See! I told you!"

I muttered to the other learner, "It's a psychological exam."
She nodded in full agreement.

I'm reminded of this news.
After four unsuccessful tries, the little boy was in tears and desperation. The teacher issues an instruction to his classmates to gather around him, chanting motivational words. 
He succeeds on his final attempt, with the crowd cheering in excitement.


Anonymous said...

heyyy congrats!!! biker chick yo~


cendolic said...

Meow, it was just practice. I have not passed the exam