Saturday, August 27, 2016

I'm currently working part-time in a daycare centre.
I truly feel sorry for the children who has endless account of marathon homework.
They have to 'steal' time to play with each other, in between the slots of the clogged up time-table.
To my amusement, I found one of the boys playing the role of a game master in his made up game.
See how he has meticulously profiled his characters and weapons. 
 The different levels of each item.
 The battlefield.
 I don't really get this, but the idea originates from cheque books.
 The different levels that the players must pass. The game master created an envelope on the left side. I asked him what is it for. "I don't know, just thought I need one."
One of the boys saw that I was taking pictures and he brought his own game book to show me.
 The many choices of weapons.
The imagined battle was created.

I seriously feel that children should be given more time to play.
The games drawn look like a potential foundation thinking board of an 8-year-old boy on his way to creating his own software, or any groundbreaking invention.

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