Thursday, May 26, 2016

I'm in love.

No, not really, but I wanted a dramatic opening for this post.
I'm currently deeply infatuated with my TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner / doctor.
No, I'm not delusional.
I'm very aware that this is a mere shameless fantasy.

I've been experiencing back pain for a very long time now.
He is the first practitioner who actually did something right for me.
I guess I started paying attention when he explained Bipolar disorder from the TCM perspective.
I thought he's really a good doctor who treats his patients wholesomely.
Many times as I sat there with my acupuncture needles, I heard him advising his patients in a friendly and comforting way.
Despite being overwhelmed with patients and having over-excited children running around the place, he never once raised his voice.
I began to admire his temperament.
He advised me, "Wo men shi wei zi ji er huo, sui ran biao mian xiang shi wei bie ren" (我们是为自己而活,虽然表面像是为别人) "We live for ourselves, though it seems that it's for others at times"

During the chiropractic part of the treatment, ooh.. the pleasure.
No wonder religion forbids close proximity.
It's so easy to be emotionally vulnerable to someone who relieves your pain.
Oh, I'm imagining him tutoring our son doing homework.
Ok, that was hilarious.
I feel I have violated his professionalism with my imaginative infatuation.

I thought I'd write this down.
It'd be so fun to reread again years later.


麦士欧乐 said...

The actual pinyin for the sentence should be "Wo men shi wei zi ji er huo, sui ran biao mian xiang shi wei bie ren" (我们是为自己而活,虽然表面像是为别人).

cendolic said...

Thanks buddy ! i'll copy and paste it ! arigatou!