Thursday, March 17, 2016

I desperately needed to chat with someone.
I scanned through my mobile chat list.
I saw that I haven't replied L's CNY greeting.
I messaged her.
I'm glad to hear that she's back at our old workplace again.
I told her what mess I am currently in.
She advised me.
Her advice was so succinctly logical that I am certain she is all well again, just like when I first saw her in 2010.
I teared up when I sent her the voice message.
"When I heard your message, I know you are well again. Please ... take care of yourself. Don't let 2014 happen again"

But I'm a bit concerned that she doesn't seem to acknowledge the reality of her situation.
She's telling me the same thing she told me back in 2011.
She's in denial of her schizophrenia illness.
I asked her about the things that had happened back in 2014, where I had witnessed them myself.
Her explanation doesn't corroborate with what I had seen.

After two days of constant correspondence, I stopped replying her messages.
She seemed to have forgotten that we were never friends.
After all that she had done, pre-relapse (or illness aside) I can never trust her to be a friend.

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