Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Had this disturbing, recurring dream of my teeth crumbling ...
Feeling so disturbed that I search for its meaning at
 Crumbling teeth dream interpretation:

Dream analysts often associate the imagery of teeth falling out with the idea of loss and important life changes. This symbol points to feelings of insecurity or vulnerability regarding a recent event that disrupted your life.
For instance, you could have this type of dream as you are moving, changing jobs, ending a relationship or starting a new one, taking on new responsibilities in your life, etc.
These are important life changes that may be reflected in your dream as a traumatic or scary event such as seeing your teeth fall out. Note that if a lot of teeth are falling out in your dream, keep in mind that the quantity or intensity of the pain or horror felt while you were dreaming is proportional to the cost associated with a compromise you’re making or an emotion you’re feeling in your waking life.
The intensity of the dream is an indicator of the level of fear or anxiety you may be feeling in your waking life regarding a recent event or issue you’re currently dealing with.

Negative meanings
  • Insecurities, especially about a personal loss
  • A compromise that is costly to you
  • Life changes and “growing pains”
  • Fear of becoming older
Positive meanings
  • Signs of personal expansion
  • Wish or need to nurture yourself more carefully
  • An invitation to explore feelings of loss and personal growth
  • A call to look at your support system
  • The Jungian interpretation: Times of renewal and “rebirth”

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